A challenge with the Scorpion is designing an exhaust system to fit in the area between the engine bay and rear bumper given tubing bend radius limits, and it’s even more difficult with a true dual exhaust.  The Acura dual exhaust is not really a dual exhaust, as both manifolds feed into a single pipe, with the rear exhaust going through a 180 degree bend before it enters the single pipe.  My design is a true dual exhaust, with 2 catalytic converters and 2 mufflers.  The benefit of my engine choice started to become evident here, as I was able to purchase stainless steel headers of decent quality with a connector pipe for the grand sum of $300!


The above shows a mock-up of the final system (all stainless) before final welding.  I did fire it up and it was loud, but not excessively so.  Probably over the sound limit at Laguna Seca, though…


Currently, here’s what it takes to make the engine run!  Next step is to remove the 95% of the wires that don’t have anything to do with engine operation.


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