I’m totally sold on cable shifters, as is just about every auto manufacturer in the last 10-20 years.  Shifting is precise and positive, the shifter doesn’t move around with engine torque, and space consumed is minimal.  I cut down the stock Acura shifter mechanism to fit the center tunnel and mounting holes that I had added for my 16V Thema Turbo project, which used a first generation Toyota MR2 mechanism.  It was much simpler to change over to the Acura unit since the cables fit the mechanism, and the l0ng shifter cable was almost exactly the right length to attach to the transaxle.


The short cable is now way too short, since the cables are coming from the front rather than from behind the transaxle.  I built a simple mechanism with a link to extend the length.  The assembly below relocates the shifter cable housing attachment points, with the cables oriented at a slight angle to clear the fuel tank.


Here is the mechanism bolted to the transaxle with cables in position.



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