Getting There…

I reached a big milestone last weekend – the car moved under its own power!  I drove it out into the driveway and let the engine run for a while.  My test was aborted due to a fuel return line leak (fixed now), but it felt good to actually have the car out of the garage and in the driveway with the engine running.  It sounds great, love the V6 idle.

I had a problem with my clutch since I had a 7/8″ master clutch cylinder installed in my Tilton pedal assembly.  Clutch pedal force with this combination was brutal, so I ordered a 5/8″ master cylinder and installed it over the weekend.  It now feels like a normal car.  There is still some air in the brake lines, but the brakes work, as does the parking brake.

There is a rats nest of wiring still to be connected, and an interior to be reinstalled, but I feel like I’m well over the hump and that the end is in sight!



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