All Fired Up!

The wiring is progressing.  The front fuse/relay panel is mostly connected, see below.  I labeled all the wiring for future reference.  The Littelfuse fuse/relay box works great, highly recommended!  With good wiring, fuses and connections, the electricals are working better than ever.  The electric windows never went up and down so fast, just like a real car now!

At the back, I’ve finally finished deciphering, disassembling, and grafting the engine wiring harnesses into my rear fuse/relay panel.  It looks simple but there’s a lot going on behind the panel.  For now I’m retaining the original Acura ECM, which is located directly behind the panel.  AEM makes a programmable ECM which might be a future upgrade.  On the right is the connection diagram I made for the front and rear panels.

After double all checking the connections, I turned the ignition key and it started!  The engine was hunting pretty badly at idle.  I did some web research, and apparently the IAC is notorious for sticking on this engine.  A couple of whacks with a screwdriver handle fixed it.  There is still a lot to do before the car is back on the road, but today felt like a milestone.



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