Hi, and welcome to the BassKen site, where I document my travails in attempting to transform the Lancia Scorpion/Montecarlo into the car it could have been, and maybe a bit more.  The version shown here is from 2007 when I built up a highly modified Lancia Thema 16V turbo engine/transaxle and installed it together with upgraded brakes and suspension.  True supercar performance on a budget!  That drivetrain and associated parts have since been sold to another enthusiast.

This site documents the conversion to V6 power, as was originally intended for this car before the oil crisis hit in the early 70’s.  I deemed the original target V6 for this car (a 3.2 liter used in the Fiat 130) as a poor candidate due to its relative obscurity and modest performance.  Another available Italian V6 is the Alfa 3 liter especially in the DOHC version.  This is a great engine, but it is BIG.  At the risk of offending the purists, I eventually decided to pick the engine that I felt was the best fit for the car, irrespective of nationality.


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