Lube Job

The stock location of the Acura oil filter ended up too close to the arc of travel of the rear suspension arm for my comfort, so a remote filter setup was called for.  This also gave me a place to add oil warning light and oil pressure sensors for my dash gauges, as well as a future oil cooler should it be needed.  I couldn’t find an aftermarket kit that solved the clearance problem, so I bought a used filter housing assembly, hacked it up, and TIG welded female aluminum NPT fittings for remote hose connections.  It’s a bit tricky as the internal passages are convoluted – it’s a 3-D problem to work out.  You also need to control the welding heat so that you don’t distort the precision VTEC piston bore (AMHIK!).  I don’t like using sharp 90 degree fittings, but that’s all that will fit in the space between crank pulley, chassis frame and suspension.  I did drill them out to reduce the internal restriction at the intersection of the bores.

Another challenge with this swap is that the oil filler cap ends up in an inaccessible position next to the firewall.  Rather than cut a hole through the firewall and add oil from inside the passenger compartment (yuk!), I cut a 2″ hole in the rear cam cover and welded on a filler cap and tube that I salvaged from a dry sump oil reservoir.  The only available hole location cuts into the PCV blowby chamber, so a hole saw works best here for allowing retention of the chamber wall geometry.080

Finally, I added an additional bend to the dipstick tube to make it easier to access.  083

I took the opportunity while the engine was out to replace the timing belt, bearings, tensioner and water pump, since the maintenance history of the car was unknown.  This is an easy job when you have full access to everything.  It paid off for me as well, since I discovered that the rear cam timing was retarded by one tooth!  Sloppy repair work by someone before me…