Where It Starts

If you’re just tuning in, the About page gives the background on this project.  After considering many options, I opted for the Honda/Acura J32A2 V6 for my (latest) Scorpion swap.  It’s a very compact all-aluminum 60 degree V6 that I believe will fit the character of the car, with a large array of aftermarket parts available.  Yes it’s not Italian, but after living through two other Italian engine swaps, I’m looking forward to a local and extensive support structure and low cost parts.

Another reason for this engine choice is that a few versions of the engine were available with a 6 speed transaxle and limited slip differential.  I priced JDM engine/trans options, and decided that I’d be better off purchasing a whole car, which would also provide every conceivable part I might need (axles, motor mounts, wiring, and ECU, to name a few).  I found an ’03 Acura CL Type S at a salvage auction in LA, got a temporary dealers license from a broker, and a couple of days later was in LA with a trailer.


I got it cheaply because, in addition to front end damage, the car was advertised as “Won’t Start”.  It turned out that it wouldn’t start because the key provided was the wrong key for the car.  After removing the ignition lock and disabling the immobilizer, it started up just fine.  Aside from a broken motor mount and cracked ignitor coil, the engine appears to be fine.


It’s a beauty, huh?  Actually the car is pretty nice, all leather interior with every option.  My idea was to part it out on Craigslist which could have paid for the purchase price.  However after wasting way too much time dealing with CL flakes, I gave up and towed it to my local Pick-N-Pull where they insisted on giving me real money for it.  So far so good!


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